Yuk Chiu Lau Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Address: Basement, Pek Tat Mansion, No. 6, 6A, 6B & 6C, Nan King Street, Yau Ma Tei, Kln
    DBA in local language: 浴潮流桑拿
    Open Hours: 10:00-06:00
    Category: Sauna
    Payment: Cash&Credit Card
    About Me:
    The Yuk Chiu Lau Sauna is located in Kowloon City, it is one of the most popular sauna center in Hong Kong, this aauna center can promise that Each guest patronage can have super feeling to enjoy, there is no other charge in the package, there are more than 10 young and beautiful massage girls are waiting for serving for you, every massage room has the TV, the environment os very nice and clean, the massage girls can provide different kind of massage service for the clients such as the K pressure.  90 minutes for $528 all inclusive and no tipping pressure
    My very first time in a massage parlour. Came after 00:00. Took the 90 min package for 530$. Rooms are dark so you can't see your masseuse, don't know if she's pretty or not. Tough massage, much softer around balls. She speaks very little English, she didn't understand everything I asked to her. I lost at least 10 min. 1st time she left to bring hot towels, it was eternity for me. 2d time she left again for longtime to bring me a drink. She didn't seem to like being caressed. As I caressed her legs, she seemed to keep away from my hands. On my back she caressed around my dick it made it hard. She then gave me covered bj. I cum. It's at this moment that she left to bring me a drink. I drank a little. She asked me if I wanted to sleep. Did she mean sleep or sex? I said no because I wanted to stop at that instant. I said I didnt't want to sleep now. She asked me to take a shower, I did it quickly. When back she wasn't there. Asked to the staff if it was already finished or not, I was said to wait in the room. She came back, gave me massage on my legs and the session was really finished. I was expecting fs from comments here, maybe I'll try again with another girl to see if I'll have the fs.
    So I went back to my regular sauna. Would like to recommend it to pple here. Its call Yuk Chiu Lau Sauna, just outside Jordan MTR. Get out of MTR, walk around the maze for a few minutes, you can see the posters. Its underground. Price has increased from HKD508 to HKD528. Goddamn it. Service is good as usual. I asked and they allowed me to stay overnight. It works like this - if they have a room, they will let you have it. If not, you can sleep in the lounge, when they have room, they will wake u up and shift you to a room. You can sleep till 12 noon if u like. they even have wake up call service. They have even a special package I found out from my masseuer - you can pay HKD 528 to have a lady sleep with you. I didn't ask further because I wasn't interested, but I think it includes unlimited fuck. The masseuse I had this time looks like shit, but she has a nice body. still decent legs for her age, despite a tummy. She made me cummed once while she was on top, a rare treat for me. then I tried my damn hardest to shoot off again while on my knees.
    Bad experience, some bg are too old or too fat, even massage is not comforted.
    Sevens Hell The Rugby Sevens, and with it the idiotic, overpaying louts, are destroying the hobby in Wan Chai and beyond. Stoooopid pricing from the Filipina pros who have penciled in the event. (Though there has been a massive influx of talent. But they go quickly). One wanted $1000HK ST, $2500 overnight. Took a pass and will continue to do so. Funny, just got a txt msg from the girl as I'm typing this. Quite the little businesswomen. Should note here the prevalence of saunas in Yau Ma Tei (Kowloon). A couple weeks ago I went one, called Yuk Chiu Lau at 6-6C Pak Tat Mansion, No 6-6C Nanking St. 90 minutes for $508 all inclusive and no tipping pressure (unlike some of the legit massage places, go figure). Anyway, I arrived on a weekday about 4 pm Had to wait about 15 minutes for a girl to become available. It was unclear whether the girls were still coming in (but probably, ugh, busy; I'll make a point of seeking out a virgin for the day by arriving earlier, but I digress). I refused the first 30ish lady brought to the massage room (and not a particularly nice room, plus I had to ask the girl to change the linens). The second one, Lu Lu (from Sichuan) , No. 66, however, fit the bill. Great uncovered BJ and she was into the sex, a hard rider. Lu Lu was on the petite side, nice pert and suckable nipples, though there was a bit sagging of the breasts. No big problem. The girl gets great points for enthusiasm. I suspect there are hundreds of massage establishments just like Yuk Chiu Lau, and many of them are concentrated in the same buildings. The problem with the setup is that you cannot choose your girl beforehand, though you can refuse. But with only 10-12 girls total (and with some out of commission at times, or on their backs with other punters) you run a risk of not finding your heart's desire. The upside is that ultimately the pricing is only about $100HK more than a body massage at a legitimate place. I will add that Lu Lu provided an admirable massage after the deed, too.
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