Windsor Spa (Hong Kong)

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    Phone: 3162 0000
    Address: 1/F, New Mandarin Shopping Centre, 14 Science Museum Road, Tsin Sha Tsui
    DBA in local language: 薀莎水療
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    Situated in the New Mandarin Shopping Centre, Windsor Spa has a very convenience location.  When you enter Windsor Spa, you will see a spacious lobby with Thai-style design with soft lighting. It facilitated with individual sauna & steam room in both separated area of male & female pools.  In order to provide better services to our customer, we have individual shower room and spa facility in several spa rooms.

    Service Rate:

    Massage & Sauna: 45 mins/560; 90 mins/833;

    Massage for Women: 45 mins/449; 90 mins/702;

    Sauna: 306;

    Foot Massage: 45 mins/215;

    Head Massage: 30 mins/160;

    Shoulder Massage: 30 mins/160

    Special Price for two hours Massage:                      

    From 11:00AM - 2:00PM:  Men-$712; Women-$582

    From 10:00PM - 1:00AM:  Men-$712; Women-$582

    From 1:00AM  - 6:00AM:  Men-$542; Women-$482

    Just went there for massage
    but most staffs i don't realize.
    the massage lady is ok at dup.  overall is still ok!
    too bad I could only afford the midnight price
    Tried new BG ^); strong and good bone skill.
    I think this sauna is quite good with reasonable price.  At least the BG never "R" Tips
    I met a couple of nice one over there.. @ !)* !@! !@#  is one of the popular BG over there.
    I love this place. I chose the 45-minute ladies massage, cost me HK$347. It was a fantastic massage, and the satffs are warm and polite. I enjoyed a lot that time. It was very quiet and relaxing, I almost fell asleep, I have to appreciate my massager, she did not answer her cell phone, just focous on my session, really dedicated.
    Went to Windsor Spa last night. The environment is great, very clean and comfortable. It has good facilities, I had a shower first, then I tries their sauna, very nice, I felt like my whole body was changing. drinks, fresh fruit and even ice cream available here, so thoughtful.
    Great experience here. The place is a little bit small, but shares elegant and comfortable atmosphere. The service here is really warm, I am so impressed. i like their massagge, professioanl and relaxing, definitely come again!
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