Sunny Paradise Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Website: http://www.sunnyparadise.iyp.hk/
    Phone: 2831 0123
    Address: G/F, 341 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
    Also Known As: Sunny sauna
    DBA in local language: 新瀛閣桑拿
    Open Hours: daily, noon-7am
    Category: Sauna
    About Me:
    One of the most relaxing, rejuvenating and culturally interesting ways to spend an hour in Hong Kong is to get a massage. Sunny Paradise Sauna, which is open seven days a week, can provide sauna bath, steam bath& Chinese herbal steam room, etc. All the massagists in our center are very professional and experienced. They can offer authentic body massage, foot massage, manicure, beauty&hair styling services for relaxation. 
    Sunny P is a 70's spa paradise! Relax, hang out, eat noodles, drink fresh juice and all included in the price of your treatment. The massages are great and if you go with same sex friends, you are most likely to all get massaged together in the same room at the same time. Fun! The only downside to my visit was staff politics. Something has obviously gone done between massage staff and management and at the end of my massage, me and my girlfriends were asked how much we were going to tip and to write it on a card for them and sign it. I offered to tip $50 which I was advised was above standard for a tip in HK. The woman took the card away, gave me a new one and told me to tip her $100 instead! Unfortunately, the massage ended on a bad note as we refused to be bullied into tipping more. So if you go, expect some pressure at the end. Apparently this has been happening for a few months now and they are losing customers because of it. I would give it 5 stars otherwise.
    Actually, I've checked Sunny for years and always have good experiences. After 2-month gap, I went again, and I booked a new girl, she was walking very angrily, it had nothing to do with me obviously. I asked for a 90-min massage, she was OK, but inadvertence, not so warm as other therapists. After so many years inadvertence, I am tired of its insipid decor, as the therapists are changing all the time, I am thinking about try something new.
    After walking all day, wife and I both enjoyed a couple of hours after midnight soaking in hot bath, great massage, total relaxation.
    Every time I visit Hong Kong I always go to Sunny Paradise! It is a traditional chinese spa/sauna that is relaxing, very reasonable and easy to use as no appointments are required. It is a great place for both men and women, but note that services are on different floors so not a great couples event if you want to share together. Services include: Steam room, sauna, hot and cold whirlpools, Chinese style massage in 45 or 90 minute increments, manicure, pedicure, back rub (body wash), ear cleaning, foot massage and facials. Food, juices and non alcoholic drinks served. Try it and you'll be glad you did!
    Who woul've thought this places existed? We need this in America. Pamper yourselve to 45 min feet massage, herbal sauna, pedicure, facials while you are treated with home made noodles, teas and juices. Will be back for sure!
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