Silver Spring Sauna(Ginza Women's Sauna) (Hong Kong)

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    Address: G/F Sun Hing Building, No.607 Nathan Road, Mong Kok
    Also Known As: Silver Spring Spa Sauna
    DBA in local language: 太子銀座 银泉芬蘭浴(女賓部)
    Open Hours: 12:00pm - 6:00am
    Category: Sauna
    About Me:
    Silver Spring Sauna is Women's Sauna, belong to the group "Silver Spring Sauna". With its convenient location, it has attracted many women working nearby. Professional technicians and authentic skills will make you feel exactly relaxed and comfortable. The charge is $400. 
    I have been to the basement many times. It's called Silver Spring from what I understand.

    Your write up is bang on. Reasonably clean/newish showering/pool/sauna/steam area, chairs/lounge area, and massage room.

    The biggest issue I have, is with the massage room itself, the ventilation is noisy as ******. it's like 7.5/10 noisy. Hard to describe other than it's just like full blast air going through the vents, and it makes a loud wooshing sound that just never ends. You kind of get used to it, but it's not a place you can sleep. basement is also hit and miss with the pretty girl or auntie. and they are also pretty tight about not letting you touch. I have found I can get to the boobies no problem and undo the bra. but can almost never get through the panties for some fingering.
    just to confirm that SILVER SPRING is a great 24h SPA as i do regular overnights there indeed when on journey in HK as after the massage you can simply use the room as your bedroom until wake up call
    before going through the SPA area again, get shaved showered dressed and ready for your working day

    lady no. 72 (early 30's) and 38 (late 30's) are my favourite for years now
    they are BOTH very friendly kind and gentle....72 has a hot body indeed which you can touch and goes more 
    for an erotic massage including HJ
    38 is more powerful, she loves to explore any inch and loves   ''prostate'' massage as well....which is a 
    part i cant miss anymore when going for a massage, beside being very healthy indeed....might be my seasoned age 
    which requires such treatments   

    enjoy the discovery or RE discovery
    I used to be regular at the Sun Hing basement  - 
    HK$666 includes a back and regular massage for 45 minutes and the same girl for another 45 minutes of HJ. Some girls don't mind you touching all over her but some would not even allow you to touch over the cloths.

    I've never had BJ or other FS services @ that place since about 7 years ago when this place changed hands.
    No towels at the windows - in theory your HJ is fully exposed - LOL but the girl would dim off all lights during session. 

    Quality of girls? Some are pretty old - I've had a 60 y.o. but some are young and pretty - it depends on your luck I guess.

    There's one big hint though - if you walk down the stairs to the establishment from the Portland Street - i.e. opposite to the ladies' sauna AND next to the foot massage place - you'll see basically a choice of the girls in the 2 crowded and small locker rooms - I guess for some of us punters we could stand at the door and ask for the number of the girl you like and mark that girl for her service. It is sort of feel like back to Darlings  in the good old days ... LOL

    BTW, some girls won't provide HJ and is strictly a shi-fu ... avoid her if you need to release that day ... her number = last 2 digits of the year "Gleiwitz incident" (when Germany invaded Poland)

    This place has good food, good massage for feet, reasonably clean bathing area. It has also a large number of rooms in form of maze.
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