Sauna Lotto (Hong Kong)

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    Address: 2/F, Kin Lee Bldg.,9-13 O'brien Road
    DBA in local language: 浪淘莎桑拿
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    Foreigner Friendly: Yes
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    Lotto sauna is a veggie sauna and it has open for a long time in Hong Kong. The massage service in this massage place was very good and that this was a pure veggie place. The facilities look a little tired, but do the trick. The 90 minute massage priced at HKD 388 or you can tip extra money for the massage girl. the HJ service is really very professional at here. The service attitude of the lobby cashier, locker, pool or lounge staffs are all considerate and friendly. After stepping into this sauna, the clients will be led to the lockers by a male attendant who instructed to undress, shower and put on a robem, then led to the seating area where there were three huge TVs. In this sauna club, all massage session is about 90 minutes, the massage girls can provide HJ, BJ, ioil massage, full body massage and so on. the quality of the massage is really very good which will provide you a relaxing experience. In this sauna, the massage girl never ask the tip from the clients, there are also delicious will be provided to the customers. The business in this sauna club is very good, so you need to wait sometimes, the total price of the massage service is about 700 HKD, the price is not cheap, so if you would like to come, you may need time, patience and money.<br />  
    I was introduced to this place by one of my friends. And I first went there around 3 years ago, jack was a cute girl, she gave a massage mostly on my ass crack and asshole, it was always veggie. Then she moved to give me a HJ with her seductive eyes looking at me. I checked it again months ago, and a Russian girl Roulette served for me. She gave me a HJ, head massage, she was so passionate and positive during our session, and everything ended with a veggie session, amazing time with her!
    Went there several days ago with my friends. It seemed busy and we waited after we picked the 90 minute massage priced at HKD 388. A hour later, each of us was leaded to respective rooms. 

    My masseuse looked in her 30s and her massage made me think it's a veggie massage. Several minutes later, she put her hands into my shorts and asked me whether I wanted HJ for 500 HKD. I refused. It was a little bit expensive and actually I could made it by myself.

    Anyway, the massage is really awesome and suitable for bros who want to relax.
    The massage was very good and that this was a pure veggie place. The facilities look a little old but still nice. We picked the 90 minute massage priced at HKD 388 or so and we tipped to make it a flat HKD 500 when we left. The massage skill of the massage technician is very professional, they can also provide HJ service and real massage. She finished the massage 30 minutes later and I was teaching her some tips.
    Vusual 220
    It was the best massages I have ever had. Some of my friend said they are offered HJ, but some are said nothing was offered to them and were surprised that HJ was offered.
    Sauna Lotto Wanchai (Veggie) Link and address: https://foursquare.com/v/sauna-l ... a9101df370412e8e5ac Damage: $528 (90 minute massage incl. tip) Face/ Body: 3/5, however, irrelevant. I was meeting up with my friends in Trafalgar and we had shisha and a couple beers. It's a friday night and we didn't really feel like going out to clubs. So we were walking around the area and decided to check out this sauna. We didn't know what to expect as this was our first sauna visit. We were led to the lockers by a male attendant who instructed us to undress, shower and put on a robe. We were then led to the seating area where there were three huge TVs. Once we sat down, we were given a menu for drinks and food which are all inclusive in the price. When the manager came and asked if we had a number in mind, we said no, as this was our first time in this place. We all opted for a medium strength massage for 90 minutes and were hoping that we would get a HJ or a BJ. Throughout the massage, my masseuse was constantly reiterating that this is a veggie establishment that doesn't offer extras. Although that made me feel a bit disappointed, the quality of the massage really made it all better. We finished the 90 minute massage, stayed outside and watched TV. Walked to the hot tub area and sat for a while, into the sauna and finished off with another shower. Although it wasn't a pooning experience, it was still a great massage and relaxing experience. I'd recommend this place to bros who want to relax, but this is nothing compared to the Macau ones.
    juaer 009
    Excellent massage place!! It has new equipments and professionl technicians, but is a little bit experience. Free food are served, very warm as I was hungry when doing massage. They served coed massage, you may want to try. Clean and comfortable place, would come again.
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