Sabai Day Spa (Sai Kung Branch) (Hong Kong)

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    Website: http://www.sabaidayspa.com/index.html
    Phone: 2791 2259
    Address: 2/F, 10D, Po Tung Road ,Sai Kung
    DBA in local language: Sabai Day Spa (西貢店)
    Open Hours: 9:00AM - 6:00PM (Mon-Sat); Sundays Rest
    Category: Beauty Spa
    About Me:
    Do you want to experience a different massage? Do you want to have a feeling of outside on holiday? Sabai Day Spa is your inevitable choice. <br /> <br /> Opened for many years in Sai Kung, Sabai Day Spa is committed to creat a comfortable and recreational environment for customers, and make every guest relieve their daily fatigue. All the massagea are provided by authentic Thai technicians. They will relieve your tiredness with their professional skills. <br /> <br /> Sabai Day Spa offers an extensive range of treatments by skilled therapists. All of our facial treatments include a face, head, neck and hand massage to improve circulation and enhance relaxation. Body treatments include Traditional Thai Massage, Sport Massage, Luxury Aromotherapy Massage, Back Massage, Neck and Shoulder Massage and Body Scrub. Also you can enjoy nail care, foot care, waxing and other special treatments. 
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