Pudong Relax Spa (Hong Kong)

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    Website: http://www.pudong.com.hk/
    Phone: (852) 8106 8889
    Address: 9/F,Xingyu Building,No.607,Nathan Road
    DBA in local language: 浦東水療桑拿
    Category: Massage Parlor, Sauna
    About Me:
    This sauna club is located in Xingyu building in Nathan Road, in this sauna club, you will be treated to the VIP customer in this sclub, the area of this sauna club is really very large, the environment of this sauna club is nice, clean and comfortable, there are more than 20 massag etechnician in this sauna clnter, The organic hand and foot spa can relieve the fatigue of traveling and help to bring back to the life. The service attitude of the waiter is very nice.
    9/F I stumbled in once, this place doesn't give HJ as far as I know... or are there and this is news to me? super clean change room, shower area/steam/pool. First time I went there, I got a 50 yr old... second and third time, I got some fattie, definitely can't get it up. and definitely no HJ happening.
    I agreed as I tried on Sunday. The decor is ok and luxury style, Sitting room is relatively quite small compare to Winsor and Tung Fong.  Massage room is a bit small in compare to the other two.  Sitting room service is not up to my standard.. They said they had congee and fried noddle after ten. After I took Noodle, then they said no congee when I asked again after waiting for 15 mins.  
    Bg is just so so. and front desk asked tips $150.- and up .
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