Oriental Palm Spring Sauna Spa (Hong Kong) (Hong Kong)

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    Website: http://www.orientalsaunaspa.com.hk/
    Phone: 21161000
    Address: 1/F-3/F, Hyde Center, No 221-226 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
    DBA in local language: 東方棕泉桑拿(香港)
    Open Hours: 12:00pm-5:00am
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa, Sauna
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    Welcome to Hong Kong famous Oriental Palm Spring Sauna Spa. This is a great place which is good for your wellness of body and spirit. You can achieve the state of ultimate rejuvenatioon and relaxation pleasure. <br /> <br /> We offer expert massage therapists with highly experienced massage skills. With a comfortable environment, soft lighting, you can experience a wonderful spa you have never had. There are aromatic massage rooms, saunas, provate baths, tranquility rooms, foot and leg massage rooms, etc.<br /> <br /> 45 mins Sauna & Single Massage for gentlemen/ladies is HK$378; Facial Massage is HK$250, 30 mins Hand Therapy is HK$130; 45 mins Foot Massage is HK$188, 30mins Head Therapy is HK$150, etc.
    You can expext all from Oriental Palm Spring Sauna Spa, good facilities, nice massage experience and delicious food. Though the food was basic chinese cuisine, but quite yum. The massage was brilliant, especially from a sifu, my masseuse did a great massage for me, felt relaxed. Nice try!!
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    Tel: 2116 1000 Elizabeth House Wan Chai A great place to go just for a massage, you can’t get any kind of service here…at all. At least, I have never been offered… great environment and decoration. Excellent attention to detail and the staff are keen to help especially if you’re a known tipper.. Includes a sauna, three Jaccusi of different temperatures, steam room, TV are is great with private screens for almost every seat and some big public screen for those wanting to watch a football game. The food is not bad… good foot massage. Massage rooms are comforatble…some of the massage tables are even heated. Highly reccomended. OPS is a pure Veggie sauna ! the management will fire any girl who massages your little one ! So unless you know the girl really well and she feels she can trust you, there wouldn’t be any hanky panky !!! But 80% of ther girls there are not that young – go to a HJ/FS sauna if you want more then just a massage !
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