Opus Boutique Fish SPA (Hong Kong)

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    Address: 18A EuBank Plaza, No.9 Chiu Lung Street, Hong Kong, China
    Also Known As: opus boutique hong kong
    DBA in local language: 精品魚療
    Massage Service: Foot Massage, Others
    Category: Massage Parlor
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    Have you tried the Fish Spa which is popular in southeast Asia? Conveniently located in the heart of Central, OPUS Boutique is currently the only fish spa in HK. The water used by every guest is seperated. Putting your feet in the water, a group of small fish will automatically swim round to clear the dead skin of the feet. Fish Spa can promote blood circulation of your body and make the skin tender and smooth back.
    Greg C
    I did this sort of thing before on a trip to Malaysia but those fish had teeth and it hurt, so when I found out my wife had already booked an appointment I was seriously nervous, but she told me that she'd also had it done before and her experience sounded very different from mine so I went along with it.

    When we got there i was a little more comfortable, it was a lovely little spa, very professional and clean unlike the street vendor in Malaysia. They washed us off and sat us down. The ladies there were very friendly and did there best to calm me down. My wife and my daughters were in and laughing, relaxed and smiling in 3 minutes but me, I had to take my time :( Eventually I did it, it didn't hurt, it just tickled alot this time.

    I wasn't sure about the prices though, USD45 seems a bit much for an hour (per person!) fore those fish nibbling on my toes but it was was worth it to have that experience after the last one I had, according to the lady at Opus, the ones that bit were just imitations, gara ruffa don't have teeth!

    I can definitely recommend this to people visiting HK, its in the middle of central for those of you travelers staying on the island :)
    Ian L
    I just went to the address of the spa from the internet and they are no longer in EuBank Plaza, Central. I was excited to have the spa from the other reviews below. Sadly, the number is ringing but no one seems to take the call. Does anyone know if they closed or just moved to a new address?
    You may or may not of heard bout the ol Wonderfish spa that used to be up on the peak, OPUS is apparently now the only fishie spa in hk :O I can tell effort has been put into this one and former customers may be happy to know that everyone gets their own tank this time!

    For those of you whove never tried this, two words: DO IT! :)
    Me and my boyfriend went to OPUS Boutique on one of our dates. I've seen places in Asia that do the fish pedi/therapy thing before, but this spa had to be the most appealing one. Definitely something you have to try for yourself with friends, family, or other couples out there ;) I can definitely say that this is something I really want to try again!
    Steven M
    Lots of fun, plenty of relaxation. Im defnitely coming back one day soon just to see those little fishes
    I thought fish spa was unusuel, I was right. I got to talk with other ppl there and they sed they really like it and there feet were much more smoother, I didn't feel different but the tickle was funny.
    Yusuf R
    I grew curious when I heard that there was a fish spa in Hong Kong, I had never heard of such a thing before. According to the woman attending me, such a thing originated in Turkey and made its way across Asia.

    I made my way from my hotel and took a taxi to Central, being unfamiliar with Hong Kong island I called quite a few times to ask for directions, the staff seemed happy to help. When I entered the spa I was greeted and immediately led toward a small bath where they washed what dirt I had from my feet and gave me a pair of slippers, unfortunately they only had one size and they were too small for me. But no matter, I slid across the floor with them and sat down on a soft bench. There the woman pulled two tanks out from underneath me and instructed me to place my feet inside. It was quite ticklish but I did not mind. It was quite easy for me to sit and I actually fell asleep listening to the calming music. They awoke me of course in thirty-minutes and told me my time was up. I washed my feet again and left, thinking that perhaps on a different trip I would visit again.
    Thomas M
    My fiancee and I just moved here from SoCal and were looking for things to do in our free time. While I was away she found this spa with Trip Advisr, it was something weird and at first I ddin't believe her, I had never heard of this before (Fish sucking on feet!) and relaxation wasn't really what came to mind when I thought about it but she convinced me to try it.

    Its right in the middle of Central so it was pretty easy to get to if you don't mind a little traffic here and there. The actual spa isn't as big as I thought it would be but it was nice, its got a very unique look to it, home-like. Keep in mind this was our date night so we were both expecting something really special. It was definitely that. The staff were pretty friendly and welcoming, I wasn't left feeling clueless since I've never done anything like this before (That's happened to me plenty :S). The fish were something else entirely. There were other people there so I had to do my best to stop from laughing and screaming like a maniac, you wouldn't believ how ticklish these things are. Eventually, the laughter died down and I saw why it was people did this in the first place. Turns out, its actually a really relaxing experiencing and the soft jazz music helped a lot in keeping us smiling and keeping our date night amazing. We're definitely coming back and I can definitely recommend this to all you folks out there looking to do something crazy ;)
    Hester K
    I had been to WonderFish before at the Peak and had enjoyed the experience - although the ambience wasn't anything to write home about! This year I went back to the Peak hoping to bring my boyfriend to do the fish pedicure, but was severely disappointed to find that it had closed down!

    Luckily- by a total coincidence, when walking back to our hotel in Central, we walked past Opus boutique! We couldn't believe our luck!

    The salon was clean, professional and very kind to the eye. They had a dark wood interior and the decor all around the place was really nice and a hundred times better than wonderfish!! The manager (kathy?) was inviting and lovely. My boyfriend and I totally loved the experience - i brought my parents back a few days later! Definitely a bonding experience, especially for those who have never had a fish pedicure before. But also a very relaxing one.

    Definitely a must-do if you're in Hong Kong!!
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