Noble Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Website: http://noblesauna.com
    Phone: +852 2366 6226
    Address: Basement Shopping Space, Peninsula Centre , No. 67 Mody Road, Tsim Sha East, Kowloon, Hong Kong
    DBA in local language: 贵族桑拿
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    Located in Tsim Sha East, Noble Sauna has a prime location which concentrates tourism, entertainment and hotels. Covers over 30,000 feet, it is equipped with serval huge Jacuzzis, Saunas and Steam. The European style decoration can make you feel exotic. There are free food and fruits supplied in the commodious lobby, and computer, Wifi service and 52-inch Plusma big TV. The fabulous interior designed Guest Lounge, independent private reat room and large massage rooms will especially creat a comfortable and relaxed environment for you. It will make you relieve fatigue physically and mentally, and enjoy the serene experience of soul. 
    The absolute worst massage of my life. The girls first of all are all mainlanders and theres absolutely nothing classy about them as most of them are old and most likely from the country side. I had both fullservice and hj massage and both were terrible. Firstly the girls are not trained as they cant massage to save their lives it literally feels like she pulling your body like shes making dough. Secondly the attitude is horrible as they complain about their pay and they hurry the entire experience to make you finish faster. Also hj massage there is no touching or taking off the girls clothing you can only lie there and let her do the mechanical movements. During my fullservice another girl actually came and knocked on my door telling my girl to hurry up. All in all i wouldmt even give this place a 1 star. 0 stars to be accurate. NEVER go to noble sauna.
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    Noble Spa Kowloon This hotel is close to the Interncontinental Hotel Grand Strandford. There is two IC hotels in Kowloon, this is the one just east of the flagship Intercontinental Hotel. If you are at the front doors of the hotel, cross the Mody and walk across the plaza with the water fountain and look to your left for the Peninsula Center. It is in the basement down the nice stairway. This is a more classy Kowloon place, a great massage for 45min followed by two pop sex is $1, 200 HKD. You do not get to pick the girl, but they seem very classy.
    It is not just a place for body relaxation, I went there once and watched a wonderful soccer game, so cool, many other clients were absorbed in it. Fun!! and the sauna is great, nice decor with good facilities, it is not a bad idea to try.
    Was in HK and Macau this past weekend. Was there on business and also had to add some pleasure, also made it to Macau for one night. Will post that experience on the Macau site. Stayed on the Kowloon side at the Regal Kowloon hotel. They have updated alot of the hotel rooms from 12th floor and up and was very nice. Noble Sauna is located very close to the hotel while Kobe Sauna is located on B3 of the hotel. Not affililiated with the hotel so you can't charge to your room. Went to Noble Sauna around midnight on Friday night there was about 5 other guys relaxing at this time. After you shower and take a steam you go to the lounge area and they offer you a drink and the guy asks you what type of girl you like. Described I wanted a tall girl with a small ass. And he delivered. They take you to a room where the lady is waiting she was about 170cm tall with long legs. You start off with a massage for about 45 minutes then she asks if you want full service she shows you her phone and it says 1, 200 HK and I agreed. She flips me over massages my legs, got me hard and gave me a great BBJ and then slips on a condom and jumped on atond did a number of different positions and finally popped from behind. She cleaned me up and when she returns gives a great head massage (not junior) then got hard again and she finished me off again for with a HJ. The whole session lasted 90 minutes after that you go back to the lounge and relax then shower and leave. I would recommend the only negative is the guys that work the locker room a pain in the ass. Always hanging around you and then asking for a tip. The guy in the lounge is great he speaks good english so communications is no problem he also said if you don't like the girl let him know and he will change the girl.
    I tried Noble Sauna 3 years ago, quite good experience. So last week, I went there with one of my friends. The feeling and girls are still on the top level, clean and cozy. It cost me $1118, but i think it a good value with amazing sauna and a beautiful girl, I don't care for the extra few hundred, only quality service matters.
    Hong Kong Sauna: Noble Sauna Have received a lot of great help from the forum over the years so would like to contribute every once in a while. Was in HK last weekend staying at the Intercontinental Hotel on the Kowloon side. Asked the door man if he knew of a good place for a sauna and massage. He gave me a card for Noble Sauna which is a two minute walk from the hotel. Basement of Peninsula Center Mody Road. Anyways walked through the plaza and found the place. When you walk down the stairs there will be someone at a podium and ask if you want to come in. They asked me if I was japanese, which I am and told me to come in. Not sure if the prices are different for locals or not but went to this place twice and both time where $1200 HK dolllars. As you enter you can shower, sauna, steam then they take you to in a lounge area where you can get something to drink, watch TV or even check your emails if you want. Someone will come and ask you what type of women you would like, I told the guy a small girl with a nice ass! In about 10 minutes he asked if I was ready to have my massage. I was good to go. He takes you to the room where the lady is already there (forgot to mention you can't choose your women, but they assured me they are all nice). Mine was very cute and had a nice body. Strip down get on the bed and get a very good oil massage that lasts about 45 minutes. The lady then shows me her cell phone and is shows $1200 and asks if I want the special massage and I say of course. She leaves the room for a few minutes comes back and washes my body with hot towels then flips me over. She then gets completely naked and then flips me over and the starts giving a BBJ. She then slips on a condom and starts riding me for all she's worth, flip her over did missionary, then doggy and then finally came, it was fantastic. She cleans me up and proceeds to give me a great head massge (the head on top of my head) for another 10 mintues and then I was hard again and she proceeded to give me HJ until I came again. What service! Will definitely be back next time in HK. Total damage $1200 for 1 hour 30 minutes! Went back two days later and they gave me another girl just as good looking but taller. If you guys are on the Kowloon side you should give this place a try. Have been to Macau which the only difference is in some places in Macau you get to choose the women, however come with different prices. Thanks again guys for your reports.
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