Mei Gao Lian Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Address: 2/F-3/F, A-F No. 259 Temple Street, Jordan
    DBA in local language: 美高蓮桑拿
    Open Hours: 11:00pm - 9:00am
    Category: Sauna
    About Me:
    Mei Gao Lian Sauna is designed as club type. It is equipped with hot pool in bathing area. And there is independent dry and wet steam room. The environment is very comfortable. It features free meal, free parking, free lobby project. We will take care of your demand and make your work and life easily. <br /> <br /> There is a big discount at noon time 11am~2pm. The business hours of Mei Gao Lian are the longest in the whole Jordan area. If there are two or more people come together, it will reduce $100 per person. Some sexy girls you can try, such as #83(Yao), #86(Le), #99(Jiao), #2(Pei), #8(Zi), #88(Lisa0, etc. The minimum charge is $518. 
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