Luxury SPA (Hong Kong)

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    Address: Tsim Sha Tsui (Phone Appointment)
    Open Hours: 24 Hours
    Category: Massage Parlor, Beauty Spa
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    Luxury SPA offers sepcial services with caring touch from their well-trained therapists to gentlemen. It has tasteful decoration,elegant, luxurious furniture, and is trying to creating a relaxing ambience for you to get a non-rushed complete rejuvenation. The therapists are tender, professional and caring to pamper you and keep you away from the tiredness daily life. 


    HK$ 998 Aromatherapy oil massage (90mins)

    HK$ 1600 Aromatherapy oil massage+Spa (90mins)
    Name: Barbie
    Age: 23
    Face: 4/5 (Cat like beautiful eyes)
    Body: 4.5/5 (She have a near perfect body in my opinion. Extremely well-toned and model-like with decent height. Slim but with the right curves at the right places. Probably works out regularly)
    Skin: 3/5 (She is not exactly fair, lightly tanned but smooth and no blemishes anywhere. Looked absolutely healthy. A tattoo right behind her neck and one on her right arm)
    Boobs: 3/5 (This is the ONLY department where she is lacking. A cup. Had fun sucking her nipples though)
    Pussy: 4/5 (No smell, tight and naturally wet)
    CBJ: 4/5 (Slow and steady, but nice suction and deep throating)
    DATY: 5/5 (She loved it. Ate her muffins for a good 10+ minutes. Tasted wonderful and sweet)
    DFK: 5/5 (Kissed like long-lost lovers)
    Massage: 2/5 (I don't care about massages. Its ok I guess)
    Environment: 5/5 (Big, soft queen-sized bed and a big jacuzzi fit for two)
    Service: 5/5 (Wild on bed and service oriented)
    GFE: 4/5
    Damage: HKD2000 for 90 minutes. Expensive treat.
    Thought about going to Macau for this weekend but somehow felt disheartened. Going alone everytime now feels a bit boring. So I scour the net around for a new playground. Didn't feel like going to the normal 141 walkup as that is even more boring. Filtered a bunch of places and decided between two places, either a revisit to Daily Spa for some Nuru slide fun, or try this new one called Luxury Spa because photos of its room and jacuzzi looks amazing. Messaged the number for Luxury Spa, thank God the mamasan can speak English. Asked about the services and I requested a slim and spinner type girl. OK she said, and I told her that I'd come at 7pm.
    Departed for Tsim Sha Tsui at 6pm and had a look around first. The sheer amount of hot girls walking about in Tsim Sha Tsui area always amazes me. Gotten me even more horny. I was on my way to the building when suddenly the mamasan texted me and requested to delay my appointment to 7.30pm because some other dude was late and there is only one room to be used. I was quite pissed off about it and told her that if some other customer is late, it's not supposed to be my problem. I have booked properly and I come even earlier than that, and I should not be kept waiting just to please some a-hole who couldn't be punctual for his own bookings. I thought to give up and wanted to call Daily Spa instead, but the mamasan messaged me again and told me that she got rid of that customer. So I proceed to follow my original booking time.
    Got up the elevator and the mamasan greeted me and apologized for the matter. She showed me to the room and wow, its spacious and nicely decorated. Served me water and 5 minutes later Barbie knocked on the door. First impression, wow, model-like body and very pretty. She helped me undress and then asked me to sit on the bed. Then she turned her back to me and I watched her undress. Very slow and sensual, off with the top and jeans. She is wearing this sexy leopard spotted panties, my flag pole is half raised at this time. Then she took off the bra and panties, and now I see this perfection right in front of me. Delicious curves on her ass and excellent body shape. By now its a raging hard-on. She pulled me to the attached bathroom and we showered together while making some small talks. Her English is passable at least. She washed me all clean paying extra attention to the little Jack and gave me a nice handjob and played around with the sack. She stood so close to me that I could feel her breathing heavily on my chest.
    After the shower, she asked that I lie face down on the bed so that she could give me a massage first. Her massage was mediocre at best, but I am not here for that so I don't really care. By then, the jacuzzi is filled. She light up some nice smelling incense, some romantic music on the speakers, throws in some body salt thingy into the water. We both got inside and then she told me "Honey, let's play..." Wow so direct. Obviously I could not waste a second anymore, I laid down face up and she got on top of me. She pulled my face and we started with light kissing, slowly moving into full-on DFK mode. My hands are all over her and hers is all over mine. I pulled her close and licked her erect nipples and she reacted by moaning softly. We basically rolled around in the jacuzzi (its huge and spacious). She was on top at first, then she moved to my side, then i got on top of her, then she pushed me to sit and she wrapped her legs around my waist while grinding her pussy on my thighs. All the while our tongues are tied passionately. This is real foreplay, gentlemen. A couple of times I was worried that I almost entered her bareback. Damn, I was so close to losing my mind.
    15 minutes of playing in the jacuzzi, she told me that we should move to the bed now for the main course. Got out, dried ourselves with the towel and on to the nice comfy bed. She looked at me, smiling and jumped on top of me, again started with kissing, moving to my chest and she catbathed me, maintaining eye contacts. She moved to my LB now, starting with small licks on the tip and the underside, before engulfing the whole shaft. She maintains CBJ in a slow pace to my liking. Another 10 minutes of CBJ and I pulled her to lie down coz its my turn. Started by licking the groin area before diving into her abalones. It smells nice and sweet, and tastes likewise too. Practiced my tongue techniques on her and 10 minutes later she came hard.
    By now I couldn't hold it anymore, capped on, started with missionary. At this time I noticed how fit this girl is, I pulled her waist up during missionary and I could faintly see that she has a little bit of six packs on her abs. Wow. We moved on to doggy, bulldog, flatiron, reversed cowgirl, spooning, sideways and back to missionary, where I put a pillow on her butt and I squatted to penetrate her deep, before releasing one of the most intense orgasms that I ever had. By this time, both of us were drenched in sweat and I stayed inside her for around two minutes. She kept saying " Baby you are the best..you are the best" I guess I'm on my peak physical condition today, all those long 1+ hour cardio workouts every night is having its effects on me.Afterwards, we showered together, and made more small talks. Found out that she does this part time. Found out about a couple of other things too but I don't think you guys wanna know this. Was thinking about going for a second round but I think we wouldn't have enough time, so I give it up. Got her number and WeChat ID and left the place. Sexually satisfied but physically drained...
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