Jin Di Yuan (Hong Kong)

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    Address: 1/F, Lifa Building, A, No.362,Portland Street
    DBA in local language: 金帝苑
    Open Hours: 11:00-07:00
    Category: Massage Parlor
    About Me:
    This massage shop is locate din Portland street in Hong Kong, the decoration of the massage shop is very nice and all facilities are new, the massage rooms are comfortable and clean, The massage girls in this massage shop are all very beautiful, young, and lovely, they are willing to provide the professional massage service for the clients, The full service is 50 mins $390 for 50 minutes, the two girl service is 660HKD, there is crystal big suite Open full day for the clients.<br />  
    It's not 50 but 45 min. U wait in a bedroom with a shower and mirrors above the bed on the ceiling, porn film on the tv. They presented me a late 30s girl (asked them how old she was, no reply). I said do u have young girl? They said we don't have. But the description says all young (!) So I said OK. I was asked to pay 390$ for the 45 min fs.Her face OK, big boobs, late 30s ass so u know quite fat and not sexy. She undressed herself quickly and went as soon as in the shower. So I had to undress myself. Nice body-body washing, pumping me regularly : washing my body, pumping me, rubbing her boobs on my back, pumping me, face to face hug and grinding, finally she turned back to grind me with her ass. As for me meanwhile, caressing her boobs, her Ls, her ass. I dried myself. I laid on my back in the bed, gave me quick massage of my arms and legs. Then directly on my thing, no balls caresses. Hard, she pumped me for a while, me caressing her boobs and titsand of course her Ls, played with it, with her clitoris, entered my fingers, she moaned. She then gave me a bbbj for a couple of min, then covered my lb to start cg. She was moaning, after long minutes she seemed to cum for real ( i know these girls r good actress so...) Because she had louder moan and stopped for a while, she then laid and we started mish. then her hands on my ass to make me enter as deep as possible. When finished some min left, we talked with my very basic Chinese and he no English at all, fortunately even the so fake "I love u" she never said. She's from Sichuan, seemed to be a good girl. She said me xiexie I said the same and we said bye.
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