Hu Tong Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Website: http://hutong.hongkonggay.info/?lang=en
    Phone: (852) 2396 95 95
    Address: 2/F, Kar Wong Building, 639-645 Shanghai Street, Mongkok
    DBA in local language: 胡同桑拿
    Open Hours: 24 Hours
    Category: Sauna, Gay Massage Place
    About Me:
    Hu Tong Sauna(Double Sauna is now called HuTong.) is the first six-star gay sauna in Hong Kong. It provides high quality and cheerful fun experience for the brothers at home and abroad. With the intentional design and decor, distinctive zones, you will have a different feeling. Lighting creates the mystery. All the facilities in the shop are kept clean, health and safe. <br /> <br /> There is the largest activity space in Hong Kong. A total area of the two floors is about 6 thousand square feet. It also can provide free Wifi, TVs, drinks and cup noodles. <br /> <br /> One thing must be mentioned is that on each Friday and Sunday, Hu Tong is always swarming with people. If you want to go there, you'd better set off ahead. In addition, when you standing at the gate, you can notice that there is a pressing bell and beside which is a camera. It is said that the camera is set for checking the appearance of guest. If a guest is plain, he may be rejected. Anyway, Hong Tong is a wonderful place to experience the gay sauna.
    So disappointed that they rejexted me for"members only" policy. I even showed them my SMS invitaion, but the reception guy was so unconcerned, rejected me again. I think they should open it to the public, not just for a certain race.
    Went there tree times, they have asinas only policy on weekends, invite only policy for westerners.Lots of handsome and muscled guys there, all OK, some are very good.Nice massage skills, very comfortable and relaxed. Good experience here, I will definitely come again, a good chance to meet nice guys.
    Hutong is great! Very big sauna for Hong kong standard. Its at least twice the size of former double sauna. Guys quality on thursday is also very good with lots of muscular guys. I even see a 180 plus black man with 6 pac abs..look like he just walk out of a porn magazine. I expect the weekends to be even more crowded with prime meat. This is according to the guy i met there. Generally, the guys also have lesser attitude than Cruise Club or Aniki. Well, i be there a few more times to see if its consistent with my first experience there.
    I was surprised by its great decor and clean environment. There are many nice guys hanging out in Hu Tong, you may find your Mr. right. Besides, the sauna is great too, nice facilities and sufficient rooms, really enjoyable experience.
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