Good Fortune Sauna (Hong Kong)

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    Address: 2 & 3/F Shining Building, 477-481 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, HK
    Also Known As: GFS
    DBA in local language: 好運來桑拿
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    About Me:
    Good Fortune Sauna is one of the best sauna massages in HK. This is a clean place with nice decor. Stepping into this sauna, two overly attentive guys will show you to the locker room. After a shower, you will be brought into a lounge which consisted of about 4 foot massage style chairs and a 42" LCD screen showing local Chinese TV. The 3rd floor is much like most other massage places in Asia. You can get a wonderfull massage here. They can provide HJ and BJ. If you are lucky enough, CIM is also available. One hour massage is HK$480, second hour HJ is HK$180. Try this sauna, and communicate with the girl and you will have a playful time.
    I am not much of a punter and I go mainly for the massage but I don't see why I wouldn't want a good HJ with it. I like a serious and hard massage, so I let her do her job without touching her. I told her to push harder on a few occasions and she didn't complain at all. However, as time pass I started feeling something was wrong. She was awfully quiet and everything seem a bit too mechanical. She also made sure I really didn't have much opportunities to touch her without reaching quite far and uncomfortably. Then loud moaning sound started sipping through the walls and I could feel her getting pretty nervous. I dismissed it all since I was enjoying the massage.

    The massage continued this way into the oil part and even after she flipped me over. I was enjoying the massage nonetheless so I let her continue without disturbing her. When she got around to massaging my arms there was only around 10 mins left. She was finally in reach so I decided slip my hand under her shirt and grab her breasts. She gave me a really confused look for 3 seconds and gave a big sigh of relief and said "Ah! Why didn't you say anything earlier! You got me all worried! I thought you were the police! You still want me to tug?"
    This was my second time went to GFS. Like last time, massage first. I told my gal I had pain between my shoulders and she made the massage carefully according to my requirement. Good massage, then followed the BJ.the 69 style. She sucked my LB gently with some deep throat. The awesome feeling brought me endless pleasure and I told her I would come but she worked harder with her mouth. Finally, CIM. I asked if everyone could enjoy this and she smiled, told me only for cool man like me. I dont know if she said these words to any man she met but one thing is for sure, the man like me is cool, LOL.
    The girl was 25yrs old, fairly short but had a very pretty face. The massage was fantastic! good strength, good flow and got all the knots out of my back. It is one of the best massages I have had in HK. I didn't really get much conversation going as she didn't really speak english. The towel part was good and the oil part was better. the lower half of the oil part was the best, lots of big long strokes from the bottom of my legs up. Every so often she would brush past lb. After cleaning the oil off she started on lb from behind. Lots of teasing, and some massaging of the balls. She told me to flip over and began to jerk me off, the tempo wasn;t the best but she never rushed. I got to play with her LS and boy did she have some abs as well. I finger fucked her for a while until i shot my load. cleaned up, a 15min head massage and time was up. I asked her for her number on the way out so i will be repeating. Pls pm me if you would like it.
    I like to give a massage to the girls for 10-15 minutes during the session. That is when I help them get out of their clothes and can touch and squeeze them everywhere. I told that girl that I expected an oil massage and then I would like to give her a massage. There was a problem with translation (I am not Chinese) and she lied down on the bed expecting me to massage her. So I did that and very soon found out that she had her periods   That reduced some of the fun (I have been able to finger fuck a couple of GFS girls before), but she allowed me to lick and suck her body, tits and cheeks. 
    Another GFS post

    Hey Bros,

    So normally I don't really post about my mongering activities cause most of them are SOP.  Yesterday was special.

    It has been a while since i have been back to GFS but since yesterday was a special day, i decided to treat my self.  My main mission was to get a proper massage and a quickie HE if anything.

    So I headed over to GFS without calling and tried my luck.  Mamasan said that i had to wait 30 minutes.  I was a bit peeved at this point.  Last time i went, she said 20 minutes but turned out to be an hour.  Nonetheless, since it was a special day, i decided to wait.  She came back about 20 minutes later and gave me 2 numbers.  I never did either one of them but she said one is better in service and the other in massage.  I chose massage.

    Details as follows:

    Name: ?? ??
    Number: ??
    Body: 4/5
    Face: 2/5
    Service: 4/5
    Massage: 4/5

    So when i walked in the room with just a good massage in mind, she really did not disappoint.  We chatted a bit, she worked my back, chatted some more and we built a good repertoire.  I think is because i complimented her massage skill is what led to the chemistry.  Fast forward to the happy stuff, she did some wonderful things to LB.  I can not even describe it.  It was nothing really special but she took her time and really made me enjoy it.  I was having a grand ole time and we started talking about sex, yada yada and i leaned up to grab some boobies.  They were ok behind the bra.  As time progressed, i popped them out and   .  They were natural and a bursting C cup.  She hid it behind a sports bra.  Then i sensed that she was getting a bit turned on, i massaged her kitty inside and out.  No complaints whatsoever.  I tried to make her cum in the short time but we were running out of time.  She suggested that she get me off and damn, did she get me off.  I think that was the biggest load i shot in a long long time.  We wiped up and I promised her that i will be back.  

    All in all, it was a great time and very fun. I will go back for sure.

    Thanks for reading.
    Anyway, the masseuse comes in and she gives a pretty good rub. She is about 35 years old and has a decent face from what I tell in a dark room. She is listening to Mandarin songs on her smart phone and she's also singing along while giving the massage. I have limited Mandarin skills but enough to get by, so I ask where she is from and she says Sichuan province (I think she mentioned Chengdu). I didn't get her name or her badge number though.

    So as the massage goes on, she starts rambling on in Putonghua and I just listen and say "對" several times. After she finishes, she asks me to flip over and she gives me the handjob. She allows plenty of access to her big tits and even pulls down her panties so I can grab everything below the belt. After I bust my load, she cleans me up and begins the head massage. When she's done, I feel totally relaxed and head back up to the lounge and wait for my friend. After a short nap, we shower, dress, tip the attendants, and pay the cashier and we're soon out the door.

    I never knew the exact address of GFS, but it was only a couple long blocks from my hotel so I walked back rather than take a taxi. When I am back in HK, perhaps I will make a return visit.
    Place: Good Fortune Sauna, CWB
    Massage: 3 / 5
    Face: 3 / 5
    Body: 3 / 5
    Age : 35 ish
    Boobs : 4 / 5
    Damage : 700 + 30 for locker boys
    Overall : 3 / 5
    After showering, I sat in lounge and waited for MamaSan. I asked for 90 minutes. Took the elevator up a few floors and was escorted to a room at the end of hall. Rooms are reasonably large, but very dimly lit. In comes the masseuse and she is about average for massage lady.
    Dry towel is ok at best and oil follow up about the same. The girl is a mainlander and I am western so she is very quiet. I am not really too excited about the massage especially since she does a quick feather up the crack of my ass and then flips me over. At this point, lb is barely even paying attention and so I motion to the girls
    boobs and she quickly pulls off her shirt and opens her bra. Nice tits, except she just as quickly turns her back to me to with one hip on the massage table and faces toward my legs. She tugs at lb a few times and I actually feel a little annoyed that she seems to be rushing through everything. So I motion to her to turn around and let me feel those nice boobs, but instead she refastens her bra and puts her shirt back on. At this point I think we are both unsure of what the other is doing. So after taking a few deep breaths and remembering this supposed to be relaxation, I try out some of my elementary mandarin on her.
    Well, this seems to calm us both ,and she settles down and begins talking a lot ( too much) and eventually ends up at my head for a head massage. Lb is now paying attention  and I move my hands to feel  her legs and I am ready to go. But she walks over to her bag and is now putting her massage stuff away so I get off the table with lb at full mast and walk over to her. She gives him a nice little squeeze, but shrugs her shoulders and motions to the clock. and that was it.
    While obviously a disappointing session, I just chalked it up to experience.
    I probably won't go back as there seems to be plenty of options which are more reliable.I usually go to May in Mongkok for this type service but I thought I would try someone else. Considering May costs me $400 with tip, gets naked and will often give bbbj I don't see the value in GFS.
    The best sauna with good service in HK island side.  
    Some of the them are quite good. It depends on yr luck. If u know the PR more. They will give u something good.
    I missed out bro oh yes okt during my trip last week but I did to get and try out GFS and Bluesky at causeway bay. bluesky was normal but GFS gave me more of an impression as what was supposed to be massage and handjob ended up with CIM all for HKD700 (with food and drinks thrown in).
    GFS interesting session Place: Good Fortune Sauna, CWB Massage: 3 / 5 Face: 3 / 5 Body: 5 / 5 Age : 35 ish Boobs : 6 / 5 Damage : 705 + 20 for locker boys Overall : 5 / 5 This was my first time at GFS. I called them to enquire about the rates and was told it was HKD 705 for 3 sessions (125 minutes). I had read about early bird discount, but since it was my first time, I did not ask for it. I went there last weekend around noon time. It was not crowded, with only 2-3 more patrons in the sauna/lounge area. After spending a few minutes in sauna/steam/shower, I went to the lounge - ready for action. I asked mama-san for a young girl and she promised I would get one. Off to the room after a few minutes. The rooms are kept dark, but the light was good enough to see the body and face of the girl. She was not young, I would guess around 35, but had a nice figure. To be honest, I was disappointed at that stage, as I wanted a 20-22 year old to service me I did not try to interact for the first 10 minutes, she gave me a dry massage and then asked me if she could walk on my back, to which I agreed. Then I decided to break the ice and asked her if she spoke English. The answer was no. Out came my google English to Chinese translator and I asked her name and a few random sentences. When I asked her age, she acted as if she did not understand my question. I showed it to her on phone as well, but the answer never came I have asked this before to other girls, and they very well understood. I did not want to drag on, and changed the conversation to boy friends, hobbies etc. No boy friend, no husband, loves to dance and sing. I proposed to dance with me. Imagine a non-Chinese speaking all this in Mandarin, it must have been funny, as she started enjoying the talk and was giggling every now and then. I complimented her on her beautiful face and smile and her smooth skin. After the dry massage, she took off my shorts and started giving oil massage. It was very average. I brushed her legs and seeing no resistance, started exploring the thigh area. She giggled again and then I said in Chinese that I wanted to kiss her The focus went from my upper back to ass, thighs and balls. I am not experienced, so my LBstarts to salute on first touches. After 2 minutes, I told her to stop and asked her to take off her bra. I saw her boobs for the first time and they were everything that you look for in boobs - big, round, firm with pink, round nipples. I could not resist and started sucking her boobs. She responded by stroking by LB - it was getting a bit exciting at that stage. I knew I would not last long, so I proposed that I would give her a massage. She was surprised, but readily agreed and lied on the massage bed. I wrapped a towel around my waist and started giving her a top to bottom dry massage. I took care of her back, shoulders, neck, lower back and spent 10 minutes on that. Once I reached her ass area, I lowered her skirt and panties, so that some part of her ass-crack was visible. Her skin was absolutely smooth and I started licking her back. I unbuttoned her skirt and she did not say no. I lowerd her panties further and focused my attention on her ass for 2-3 minutes. I was in heaven. After that I spread her legs and put one leg on my thigh and started massaging her thigh area. I started rubbing her LS from over the panty. She let go a little moan. Then I asked her to turn around and started on her boobs first. I took off her t-shirt, so that she was lying there only in her panties. After eating her nipples for a long time, I went to her panties and pushed my finger inside the panties. At that point, she stopped me and asked me to lie down upon her (after she had spread her legs) and rub my LB over her thighs and panties. She put a towel on her panties and asked me to pump like that and come on the towel. I liked the idea initially and started doing that. But after 1 minute, I found it ridiculous and said no. I gave her a little kiss on her lips and asked her to finish me off with a HJ instead. She got up, I lied down on the bed. She stood next to me so that I could continue kissing and biting her delicious tits, while she gave me a HJ. I pushed her other hand towards my asshole and asked her to finger it. She duly obliged and after 2 minutes of stroking, I came on the towel which she had kept on my body. It was one of my biggest loads ever. She kept on saying that it was a HUGE amount of cum, hahaha. I must say that while I was giving her the massage, she must have said - xiexie atleast 25 times. She really loved it and I loved it even more. I have watched a lot of those Japanese massage porn where the old bald guy gives massage to these young Jap hotties and then screws them in the end. I always wanted to do that, and this experience was very close to that I had another 20 minutes left, but I did not bother and kissed her goodbye.
    It's Good Fortune Sauna, on Jaffe Road - Causeway Bay MRT
    Nice and clean place. 650 HKD for 1.5h massage including HJ and sometimes BJ (not BBBJ) depending on the lady. Last Wed, she was not so cute, 35 (I prefer to have experienced ladies for massage and HJ....) but she provided a VERY good service with a good BJ.
    dude head
    I am a regular with GFS Before and it is true that FS is available there but u need to trial run a few before u hit a bingo . Night shift usually have more milf that is willing to go more if u pay them more. And u NEED TO SNEAK IN CD so to prepare if u happen to get a FS from random encounter ( if u happen to meet a girl which she always do FS for regular, she will bring in CD with her) The manager who know u are a regular will also arrange a girl who will do more then just HJ for u( i got bbbj by this arrangement) But frankly speaking, for a thrill is fun with surprise factor as u do not know who is willing to do more and be prepare they are milfs most of the time. And the damage is always around 1k to 1.2k hkd ( inclusive of massage part) . Not worth it as u can get guarantee FS at that price in places like daily spa in tst with younger girls and better skills. GFS have staying over available too and u can arrange to slp over till morning if u go there late night ( just tell the manager) . Ur bed is the two massage bed combining together ( as well as ur bed to do the FS with lots of bed moving sound)
    Good Fortune Sauna - CWB I had another jaunt last night this time to Good Fortune Sauna down in Causeway Bay. There are lots of reports of this place on 141, probably here too and from what I could gather they are mostly positive, without being over the top. Anyway, I'm very happy to say that I had one of the best sauna massages of all time last night. Arrived at about 9:00pm place was quiet. Two overly attentive guys showed me to the locker room and 'helped' me take my stuff off. It always annoys me this bit, too much invasion into space where they are not welcomed. They clearly are working hard for their tips, which you can choose to give or not on the way out by stuffing a few dollars into a collection box at the exit to the lockers, but having said this a hetero male doesn't want that level of attention, at least not a gweilo one anyway. Moving on I had a shower and was shown through to the 'lounge' which consisted of about 4 foot massage style chairs and a 42" LCD screen showing local Chinese TV. Obviously being given front seat so I didn't miss the terrific Cantonese presentation (cough) I relaxed for a millisecond before I was asked what I wanted to drink. Cold beer? Nope don't do, ok water then, no not hot water (Never understood that) iced water please. Then a very sexy woman walked over to me in her heels and business suit, must have been mid 30's but pretty and delicious legs, nice makeup (just my type, if only she had been doing the massage) and started to discuss my needs. Price for an hour was HK$480 (ish) and for a second hour a further HK$180 (ish). First hour massage, second hour HJ she explained bluntly. 2 hours it was then, didn't need a rocket scientist for that one. As I hadn't been there before, she asked me for my mobile number for membership. Nothing too sinister in case anyone is wary, just give your number and next time tell them the number and the price drops something like 10%. I drank my ice water and no sooner had it gone down, I was ushered into the lift lobby to be taken to the 3rd floor for a massageee. 3rd floor was ok, much like most other massage places in Asia. This one has been around a while and has way too much fake veneer and stripey wallpaper, but it's a massage parlour not an interior designer studio, so who cares. Clean is good at this point. I was shown to my room and waited for about a minute. In comes my masseuse, about mid to late 20's or maybe early 30's at a push I'd say, face 7/10, body 7/10, legs 11/10, bingo I'm a happy man. She is playful and smiling a lot, very little English, but we ascertain she is from Chengdu and one of 7 kids. Now I am sure I got this wrong considering China's one child policy, but she went through big brudders, big sista, yanger brudder, so maybe it was just her old man couldn't keep it to himself and was filling the local village with kids for adoption. Anyway she then said only her Mudder left, Fadder died (probably whilst shagging I was thinking). Anyway, too much info, but you get the point, we had a good old half chat and she was happy to be with someone who was (seemed) interested. Massageee begins, all back rubbing and shoulder. I had asked for medium, thank fuck because she was a strong girl and was giving me a right working over. I started to stroke her legs and telling her they were sexy. Ley ho hamsap (you are horny) she kept telling me, so I said, yeah it's a fair cop, but it's all your fault I reminded her. I kept lifting her skirt up to reveal nice full cut black panties and my best mate was stirring. I blew her crotch a kiss and she definitely seemed to like that. Massage was ok for what must have been an hour easily, really worked me over first under the towels then using an oil based gel. Note to self, learn the Cantonese and Mandarin words for aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh. She excused herself and went out to get some hot towels to clean the oil off me and then it was on yer back time. She then started to show appreciation for my best mate, seemed to like the fact that I have been well looked after and started one of the slowest and most sensual HJ's I have ever had. I slipped my hand up her thigh and stroked her crotch through the aforementioned panties and she just relaxed and let me do it. Must have been 10 minutes like this, I'm hard as a rock, she is wet and soaking the panties, so I thought I'd go for it and slipped a finger inside. This made her moan, but she was obviously concerned that this felt good but it says in the book you can't do it. She half pulled away, but not enough to be out of my reach so she wasn't stopping me. What did stop me was the fact that she sped her HJ up to try and finish me and as that's what I was there for, I decided no point in screwing the whole thing up for a wet finger, so I went back to stroking the outside of her soaked panties and she slowed down again. Well eventually she worked me up and when I popped I nearly took her head off which she thought was very funny. She finished the eveing with another half hour of massaging my legs, feet, arms etc. And chatting about everything. She asked me for my number, which I gave her and she has sms'd me already, so could be in for a freebie, who knows. Leaving the place is pretty much the same process in reverse, too much help from the boys, a small tip in the collection box and the final bill was HK$660 (ish). The sexy little girl in the business suit saw me and asked if I had a good time, which I said I had and she gave me a friendly squeeze on my waist, (WTF? ). Yesterday was that sort of a day, I got chatted up by a classy French woman when I was buying my coffee and invited for a private coffee with her yesterday morning. If only the rest of my life had followed that pattern. Long and short of it is, try the sauna, communicate with the girl and have a playful time with her. Fun always leads to more in my experience, though last nights episode was a bit out of the ordinary. PM me for her name & tag number, she is a delight.
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