37 Dundas Street K Pressure (Hong Kong)

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    Address: 2/F, No.37, Dundas Street
    DBA in local language: 多丽来K压夜总会
    Category: Massage Parlor
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    This K pressure nightclub is located in No. 37 Dundas, it is at the second floor, You can also find there is another nightclub at the first floor called Jinbaocheng Nightclub. This K Pressure nightclub (37 Dundas ) is one of the most popular K pressure club in Mong Kok, the environment id very clean, warm ,and romantic, it is really the best place for men to enjoy themselves. There are more than 15 massage girls in this club, they can provide different kind of special service, in general, the otal damage is about HK$410 + room $120, after you choose a massage girl, you will be taken to the third floor where you can enjoy the service. Some rate: normal massage and HJ(hand job) is 240hkd /50 min massage and HJ .the two girl(Shuangfei双飞) is only 500KHD,
    Name: Lilli
    Face: 6/10 (average face)
    Age: around 30
    skin: 7/10 (fair skin, smooth)
    boobs: 7/10 (B cup)
    BBBJ: 7/10 (did 3 times during the session)
    Service:8/10 (great attitude, DFK, 69, DATY, Fingering, Doggie, Mish, CIM )
    Damage: 500 HK Dollars

    This gal had curves at the right places though not very beautiful. Smiled during the whole session. Breasts were not large with large nipples. 
    Went to 37 Dundas yesterday and got a girl named Anna. About 25 and 7/10 body. We had a shower together first. She helped me clean my body and gave me the BBBJ(nice work). 

    Came out of the bathroom, I lay on the bed and waited more service. BBBJ angain and then the show began. She was tight and moaning slightly when each time I thrusted into her ******. That sounded real.(if fake then she's a good actress). Finished on her breast finally.

    A great experienc! I would repeat there next time in HK. Damage:$488   
    We started with a nice shower together and with a decent amount of usage of soap to clean ourselves up. Then it was time for some action on the bed, where I laid on my front and she started "cat bathing" me all over. She enquired whether I was interested in rimming, but kindly declined. On to the front - more of a cat bath, a bit of kissing, fully access to her unshaved kitty (just not too deep). She tried hard, but once the deed was done I wanted to get showered and get out of there. Another shower together, I dressed up and she asked why I dressed up so quickly as there was more time I left. I told her the truth as I wanted to get up early tomorrow and was quite tired. She gave me her number and insisted me on calling her. As she did an ok job, but was not a stunner I don't think I will return again - the service was decent though. No tipping required. On the way out, we bumped into another punter with the WG who looked quite yummy - she gave me a wink. Did not get her name and too sure which establishment she was working in.

    I need to find someone taking me to some quality places.... lol 
    so i was gave in and they took me upstairs then the usually happens and we took a shower and begin to get started
    this girl was good as i came within minutes since she was skilled with her tongue. i ask for her to go again but she wouldn't oblige 

    but overall this place was a bit too pricey and the service beforehand was terrible 
    but other people seem to enjoy it
    First Punt in HK, Dundas 37 I was following this forum for a while and now I had my first biz trip to HK. Decided that my first HK experience should beat Dundas 37. Easy to find, according to the pictures in this forum. Date 26.07.13 Name Xiao... (guess they are all called Xiao Something) Link n/a Sex Appeal 3/5 Face 3/5 Body 3/5 Age about 30 Skill 4,5/5 Service 4,5/5 It was rainy and I took MTR to Yaumatei, but decided it was a bit too early, about 9.00pm, so I decided to walk up Nathan Street to Monkok Station, could not see working gals, but a lot of lookers on the streets, that caught my eye. That proofed a good idea, as my appetite grew bigger seeing the nice legs and bodys from these shopping and office kind of girls. Back to Dundas about 1 hour later, walked in and Mamasan told me sorry, we are full. I felt very disappointed and asked when I shall come back, seems she did not get it. Luckily a fellow bro came out the aisle and talked Chinese to the Mamasan, she told me ok, and brought me to that kind of KTV looking room, dink offered, first girl showed up about 10min later, but I did not like her at all. Asked for a 2nd one. Arrived another 5min later. Also not a stunner/looker, but much better than the first one. Immediately decided to take her, she smiled at me, took my hand and took elevator to 8th floor, if I remember correctly. Payed the Mamasan 550 before as she told me this is the price for the gal snd the room, gave her 560 and did not expect to have 10 back but she gave me the change. Once arrived at 8th floor the gal gave some money to the receptionist and into the room we went. Had a closer look now, about 162cm, 33b to c cup, very slim legs, but a bit milf-ish and not the youngest. The room was much bigger as I expected, at least 15sqm with the bathroom. Off the clothes, she helped to undress, tried to talk to her in English, but she did not understand at all, in return she was very bubbly, but I did not get it, as I do not speak Mandarin. Nice attention to my little bro under the shower, but no BBBJ during the shower, maybe because the communication. She dried me, cat bath and onto the bed. She gave me a very long BBBJ now, I guess at least 15min and I had trouble to not shoot. Than she got on top of my capped LB and I finished soon. What she lacked a bit regarding the look and face, she definitely gave a very excellent service in return. BBBJ was fantastic, she even let me fuck he mouth like it was her LS, never had this experience before, so just that was worth the evening. Another shower, she brings me back to elevator and there are another 3 gals in it and a fellow bro with a big smile upon his face. The other 3 gals looked definitely better than mine, one even a tall model type one. They all smiled at me. Conclusion, good experince, will definitely be back during next biz trip but not on FR night, maybe during the week in early evening, to have bigger choice. The only thing that confused me was that "no privacy" thing in the elevator. Not that I mind, but is this common to run into fellow brothers? I hope this report helps other first timers.
    Johnny Rocket
    Been a while. Been busy. A few reports stored up. Went to 37D. Maybe I am just having a run of bad luck but the quality of service there has been severely lacking on my last few visits compared to a couple years ago. Chose Yang Yang from a lineup of 3 girls. She had the typical pouty, whiny, I-don't-want-to-be-here attitude you often get in super cheap 141s. She immediately complained about the size of my cock when she saw it, which the 37D girls never used to do. The 37D girls used to be flirty, smiley, sweet. They used to love DATY, most of them allowed CIM and many even allowed anal. They usually didn't rush you (though the hotel attendant was pretty strict about the time). The girls I've seen lately had none of these good qualities, and this girl was no exception unfortunately. So I figure I'd get the job done and go. But to my surprise after a few minutes of fucking she enjoyed it and got a little more friendly. Turns out my cock was not the vagina-destroying ramrod she had anticipated it would be. She even came while grinding on top of me. Then she was nicer during the second shower. Still, when we came back downstairs and the mamasan asked how it was, I told her I wasn't fond of the girl's attitude nor any of the last few girls I've had there. I don't know whether they take customer feedback seriously.
    dude head
    Personally i like going to 37 dudas street k pressure at ya ma tei . At price of 600 hkd u can get shuang fei for 45 mins.( 90 mins is 1100 hkd) U get to choose the girls as the mamasan will bring them in and u can reject till u find a pair to ur liking. The girls are likely to be milfs but their skills are good. The girls will bring u up to the room upstairs and u will pay 120 hkd for the room. K pressure Normal session with 1 girl is 398 hkd for 45 mins CD is provided But do note there are two levels. There is a lift beind to go up to 2nd lvl. It is recommend by 141 bros to go 2nd lvl. Think k pressure is operating 24 hrs
    Finally made it to 37 Dundas on my last day there. It was raining hard and even on a Sunday afternoon, MongKok was quiet. If you know MongKok, it is never quiet. Total damage was HK$410 + room $120 (slightly more than the one in Jordan). First was a skinny one in jeans. One never knows if she would turn out to be hot later but I was in a mood for fuller figure. Next was a SiChuan late 20s, with some meat on her. Started a little tame but somehow, for whatever reason, became very passionate and full of vigor. Usual shower and cleaning all orifices and off to the bed. Full menu and really did not change from other places. The level of fun really only depended on the feel one has for the companion. All in all, quite satisfactory for the donation and the time restraint. A very palatable alternative to spending extra RMB and time to get to DG.
    First time to 37 Dundas I've been to HK a few times and never bothered to hit 37 Dundas until now. Only because I spotted it yesterday did I even bother. Asked for a line-up and got one of 3 girls all at once. I actually chose my 2nd choice as the hotter younger girl looked like she had a bit of an attitude and it was my first time there. My girl was okay, friendly enough. She seemed more amused by my belly, man-boobs, and enormous American sneakers than much else. Not horrible. I'll be back. Hit 311 Portland Street again. Asked for girl with large ones and got older lady with fake ones. Oh well. It seemed like she was running out the clock by making the shower take so long. Then she cleaned me up afterwards. She was a dirty, dirty girl. She also did a few tricks with some ice cubes and a menthol cough DROP that I couldn't repeat without blushing like a schoolboy. Oddly, despite her shower routine she didn't seem like she was going to do CIM. Which is odd because the M*14* site lists all the girls at 311 Portland as up for that and a few other nasty tricks. Besides, after that menthol trick, what's a little CIM? Funny thing was I wasn't asked to pay when I arrived. Last time, I paid the $390HK at the desk on arrival. Yesterday, nothing. I almost walked out for free but someone remembered and gestured. I just faked a big laugh and said "sorry sorry." I'm sure if I had gotten out for free, some triad goon would have raced out to get me before I escaped the area.
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