Sha Sha (Hong Kong)

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    Phone: 9551 5994
    Age: 30
    Availability: Incall
    Language Spoken: Chinese
    Weight: 40kg or below
    Height: 161cm ~ 170cm
    Hour: 11:00-02:00
    About Me:
    <strong>Service Rates:</strong>

    HK$ 500 BM+Whole package

    HK$ 600 Massage+BM+Whole package (60mins)

    HK$ 700 Special service
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    Got undressed and got into the shower together. She has terrific boobs to look at, but they are enhanced maybe a C or D cup, but I prefer them natural. She has tight well looked after body, and has a C-section scar, which clearly means shes not a post-op sex change Thai. The photos on the DB are quite accurate in regards to how her figure and body looks. After showering, where she gave LB a damn fine clean, we got onto the bed where she proceeded to give me a massage. The massage was OK, not bad, but certainly not as good as a pro masseur, but I wasn't really expecting it to be of that level. After about 30 minutes of massage I turned onto my back and she started to massage me with her breasts... A nice experience considering she has large breasts (even if they are enhanced). She started on my chest and rubbed her way down to LB where she would rub them inbetween her tits, move back up to my chest, This continued for about 10 mins.

    After that i asked for a BBBJ, but she would only do CBJ, fair enough, no complaints from me, I can but ask, and if it's not offered, I will not complain. Her CBJ was quite good, not exceptional, but not bad. She went quite deep, about halfway down the shaft, whilst pumping the rest of my shaft with her fingers. The sensation was enough to keep me rock solid. She then clambered onto CG and pumped away, no lube applied. She wasn't tight, but not loose either. I grabbed her hips to help her move up and down on LB some more, pushing her up so that only the tip was inside her and then letting her fall back down onto the full length. We then went into mish, and I placed both her legs on my shoulders and went in deep. Started off at a regular pace and moved up into hydraulic pumping speed. AFter a few more minutes of hectic pumping, we went into regular mish, before going doggy.

    At this point I started to play with her anus with my finger, but she gently removed my hand. I do this, as this is what I was used to doing when i punt in the UK, usually the girls there are open to it and often it leads to anal sex, but in Hong Kong, I've yet to find success in the anal department. Anyhow, after doggy for a good few minutes we went back to mish. LB was in a good mood and was rock solid for the entire time. It felt good, and I knew it would take a while for me to finish.

    After about a solid 30-40 mins of pumping, I laid on my back and asked her to give me a HJ and CBJ to finish. She was working hard at it, and she was clearly getting tired because it was taking a while and she began to switch hands at increasing regularity, however her technique was still good. After about 10 mins of this I had a long and enjoyable   . Usually, the longer it takes me to   the more enjoyable it is, regardless of how good the action was before I finish.

    She helped remove the condom, and then we showered together where we had a bit more of a conversation. She's been in Hong Kong for 2 years, and claimed she didn't have many customers that day. She said her cantonese was better than her English, so I asked herthese questions in English, but when she struggled to answer or understand I asked again in my bad canto (My listening is near fluent but my speaking is super awful), and she answered quite well in canto. I asked her If I could take photos, but she politely declined.

    Conclusion: Nice girl, friendly enough considering the language barrier, not bad, also not brilliant. I won't try her again, as I prefer natural breasts, plus I'm still looking to get my first HK anal experience, preferable from a cute spinner.
    Overall score: 6.5/10